Ultrasonic Generator

Ultrasonic refers to sounds that are above the level of audible sound frequencies. It is normally above the average of 20,000 Hz frequencies. In the medical field, ultrasonic is prominently heard in relation to the diagnostic procedures with the help of ultrasound scans that extends more than 10 MHz. Ultrasonic sounds within the range of 20-100 klHz are usually found with species such as bats and dolphins when they communicate and navigate. There are ultrasonic sounds lower than them and they are used for a range of medical diagnostic procedures.

You could now select from a great range of multiple frequency ultrasonic generators when you need one. They have different features enhancing the cleaning of ultrasonic parts technology worldwide. The advance technologies of the ultrasonic generator have enabled people to select single frequency as well as multiple frequencies and program them in one process tank.

One ideal example to show how powerful the ultrasonic generator is, is the multiSONIK generator introduced by Blackstone-NEY Ultasonics. It operates with the dual sweep technology and is able to perform at 40, 72 and 104 kHz frequencies in accordance with the binary input codes they are fed with. It could be teamed with universal transducers introduced by the same place accelerating its performance to greater level than the traditional ultrasonic hardware designed for cleaning.

Another high quality ultrasonic generator is multiSONIK ™2 generator. It also operates with the help of dual sweep technology. The frequency ranges that it could operate on are 40, 80, and 120. It also could operate at 140, 170, 220 and 270 KhZ frequencies as well. These operating ranges depend on the input binary codes. When it is coupled with Universal Transducers, the submicron cleaning level is available in a special process container.

The ultrasonic generator has revolutionized particle removal from sub-microns to maximum level. They could clear particles from very complex items such as microelectronics, disk drives, assemblies and flat panel displays, medical devices, semiconductors, optics and many other such highly advanced devices. The new technology enables you to get a highly complex device to the top with selectable arrangements enhancing cleaning abilities.

They also enable users to arrange an array of specific ultrasonic frequencies to one channel optimizing cleaning abilities to the maximum level. The users of ultrasonic generators find significant development in their activities of particle removals from their production tools with this type of ultrasonic generator coupled with universal transducers.

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