Van Der Graaf Generator

What would you answer if you were asked what a Van der graaf generator is? You would probably think it’s one of the many types of generators in existence on the market. It could be a brand most likely but you still would not be sure about it as you are just guessing. Of course it’s normal not to know what a Van der graaf generator is, especially if you are younger than 45-50 years old.

Has your interest already been provoked? Okay, you will not be held in tension any more as you will be told what this ‘mystic generator’ actually is. So the truth is that there is nothing about generators when talking about Can der graaf. That’s actually a famous band which gained some popularity in the United States during 70s. Actually, calling it ‘some popularity’ is kind of inaccurate since the Van der graaf generator band had millions of fans which makes it unsurprising that the band is being discussed and remember today, 40 years later.

If you are into music, you may want to try listening to something different, to a song you’ve never heard, to a style you’ve never met. In this case, the Van der graaf generator is really the best thing to offer. If their songs and style had to be described in just one word, it would be ‘different’. But don’t get it wrong! It’s not like ‘different’ in a negative way but like ‘different’ like something which nobody had come up with before they did.

Hopefully, you’ve already gained a vision of the group in your mind. Most probably, it’s like a group that was popular now, a group with good songs but very few people remember it today. Well if that’s your vision, it’s pretty good excluding one small detail. The group has been still active since 2005. You are shocked, aren’t you? And yes you should be but of course, it should not be surprising to anybody that their songs are much less popular than the previous ones (from 1970ies). But it’s not because their songs are worse, of course not! It’s because times are different: America changes! The situation was very different 40 years ago. At that time, people were ‘set’ revolutionary and that sort of music seemed to encourage them. However, what everybody likes today is commercial music which a group like Van der graaf generator would never make.

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