Water Powered Generator

If you live in an area where water flows freely and strongly, it is an opportunity you should not pass out on. Instead of marveling at the grace of water as it flows through the small stream, be innovative, and use the raw power that it possesses to create electricity. Water provides a renewable energy source when the kinetic energy it posses can be used in a water powered generator. Not many people use this kind of generator for the simple reason that flowing water is not readily available. Since you are the exception, you should use it to generate some electricity, even if it is just for lighting uses only.

The amount of power that a water powered generator produces depends entirely on the amount of water available, and the size of the generator. On a large scale, enough electricity can be produced to power numerous households, but for smaller streams, only a modest amount is got. For the flowing water resource you have available you have to find the perfect area to set up the water powered generator. The best area is usually where water is falling, because it picks up more energy as it falls. Ideally, if you can locate an area that has at least 3 feet of falling water, that’s precisely where you should set up the generator.

You do need to come up with a water turbine which you will connect to your water powered generator. The turbine’s blades are used to transfer the energy from the water to the turbine, which in turn rotates the generator and produces electricity. The size of the blade will depend on how much water you have available. When installing the turbines, make sure you position it appropriately to achieve easy blade rotation. After installation, connect it to your water powered generator, ensuring that the generator is not in any danger of being flooded by water. Wiring the generator to a battery for energy storage is the last part, and ideally, the easier one.

There are many advantages that come with using a water powered generator. It is more consistent as far as power production is concerned, unless the stream of water is only seasonal. You could use artificially availed water, like in an artificial reservoir with a water powered generator, but ensure that there is feasibility in the idea first, before starting on it. Natural water sources are often preferred.

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