Water Turbine Generator

The use of renewable energy is steadily growing, much to the applause of the eco-friendly folks. The growing trend is facilitated by the availability of renewable sources of energy. There is solar energy, which is readily harnessed using solar panels, and wind energy harnessed through a wind turbine generator. Water is a source of energy, but only when it is in motion. This accounts for why it is not as readily used as wind or solar, because water is not a ready resource in every location. But if there is water availability in your area, and you want to generate energy, you will need a water turbine generator.

The use of water as a source of energy is an idea that dates back to the early 19th century. There is still continued use of them, only that now, the aim is production of electricity, and this is done with a water turbine generator. Technically speaking, there are two types of turbines- impulse and reaction turbines, and any of them can be used depending on how the water is available. For clarification, reaction turbines are usually encased, to be able to withstand the pressure of the water, or if not, they have to be submerged into the water. Impulse water turbines needn’t be submerged as they rely on water jets cast at high velocities to move the turbines. Some turbine examples include Turgo turbines, Kaplon and Francis turbines.

The right generator has to be coupled with the right water turbine; otherwise the inconsistency may spark complexities when it comes to power generation. Perhaps this is not too big a worry if you are purchasing a manufactured water turbine generator that has the turbine and generator already assembled. But if you are building one yourself, you have to understand the output of the generator, and make sure the energy produced by the turbine can be handled by the generator.

The deciding factor for the water turbine generator you get should be the availability of water, which is the most important resource. There are those that depend on for certain seasons only- like winter, where some streams are spontaneously generated, and during heavy rainy seasons. In such a case, the water turbine generator is supposed to be small. But when there is a permanent flow of water provided by nature, the water turbine generator should be considerably bigger, depending on how strong the flow of water is.

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marietta senior center said:

Water has been used as a source of water for almost 2 centuries. People have found about this a very long back. The only thing is that we don’t have anything to prove it. Well, this is a pure source of energy and I think we need to use this more than these unclean sources of power.

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