Water Wheel Generator

A water wheel generator is a form of producing green energy. The process by which it turns mechanical energy to electrical energy has been used for many decades. It is a renewable source of energy and is used all over the world. During ancient times water wheel generators were used to power mills and factories. The water would turn a large wheel and then convert mechanical energy into heat. In modern times the water wheel generator is used to convert mechanical energy directly into electrical energy. Water wheel generators are used in many large scale power productions all around the world. The water flow is the beginning of the process. To calculate how much power a water wheel can create it is necessary to first identify the level at which the water flows into the wheel. Then subtract that level with the level at which the water will exit the wheel. The difference in height or head as it is known in the process is necessary for calculating the potential energy that will be converted to electrical energy which will be later used.

The dimensions of the wheel must be calculated by taking into account the nature of the water source. Large water falls can be used to power water wheels with large dimensions. However more low velocity water sources will have to alter to create powerful bursts capable of churning a large water wheel. This is the reason dams are created near lakes and rivers. Damns help create slow but powerful flow of water which can turn multiple engines to provide large amounts of electrical energy. Water wheels are created from circular steel frames with paddles made of high tensile strength material. Industrial grade paddles are generally used by electrical power manufacturers. A ā€œjā€ shaped paddle is generally used with simpler water wheel generators. This is because it is capable of retaining more water and hence more potential energy.

Many companies choose to use smaller magnetic field powered generators. These generators are given an initial electrical charge using water wheel generators. Once that initial power surges through the generator it is able to power its coils. The coils in turn create a powerful magnetic field which is capable of producing energy on a large scale. Many other water wheel generators can be used to power smaller magnetic and steam heated generators. These generators require a startup power source.

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