Windmill Generators

As far as wind generators go these days, the windmill generators seem to be the most popular design in order to get the wind energy and harness it correctly. There are many other methods available but the best one is probably the windmill. This is because the design was s perfect. Modern versions are modeled after the age old version that was used just to power a specific mill. In this sense the word windmill in reference to what we use now might be a little bit out dated and sounds a bit archaic. But honestly it is the best word we have. The original word referred to a mill that was powered by wind.

They looked a lot like the thing we have today which could be more accurately referred to as the pinwheel model, but the difference was there was nothing electrical about it. The wind, when applied to the pinwheel atop the mill would be harnessed and turn the pinwheel which would cause gears in the mill to move causing the sorghum and corn and various other grains to be mixed and mashed in the mill. This was not one of the windmill generators that we have today and not that much like it because it had nothing to do with generating at all. There was nothing being generated except enough power to power the mill and that was good enough basically. This power could not be saved and used later for other purposes like we can do with today’s windmill generators.

What we do today is use that pinwheel design in order to extract the power supplied by the wind and then add it to other devices so that we can power those other devices successfully without the intervention of anything else. Even though this was essentially the first design available for any type of extraneous power generator and thus seems like it should be outdated, this is actually still the most effective method we know of for harnessing the power of nature, at least in terms of wind generators. This is the best method we have and one that we really need in order to keep things going. There are other forms of wind generators out there other than windmill generators, but they have only proven to be either as effective or less effective than the windmill version and thus are less popular. All of the wind farms out there are usually outfitted with a bunch of pinwheel generators as that is what we really need to get the most for our money.

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