Wind Turbine Generators

Serious problems like the global warming made the usage of alternative energy one of the most discussed debates for the last couple of years. You certainly know what can be used such as an alternative resource. That would be the water, sun (solar power) and the wind turbine. And there are some more which have not gained much popularity yet and several more which are not given too many hopes on. And as it is impossible to give exhaustive information about all of them in just one article, the wind turbine generators will be an object of interest in this one.

So, wind turbine generators really seem to have done a lot of progress since their invention. At first, nobody even thought they would play a crucial role in the electricity manufacturing but things have changed a lot. Actually, the wind power is the fastest growing sector amongst the other sectors in the field of alternative resources and alternative ways for generating electricity. What seems to serve as a proof of that is the increasing interest into the so called wind turbine generators farms by the investors.

You probably have not heard of wind turbine farms, have you? In short, those are areas densely populated with wind turbines (up to several thousands in a square kilometer). So these areas seem to be compared like a whole nuclear plant due to the large amounts of electricity produced. But what the wind turbine generators have to do with it? It is kind of a provocative question.

However, the truth is that when talking about the generators of a wind turbine, we are pretty much talking about the wind turbine itself. That’s because the turbine’s generator is pretty much like the heart. A wind turbine would be absolutely useless if there was no generator. After all, it is the generator that transforms the wind energy into electricity energy; therefore if there is not a generator, the wind turbine would not be able to perform its main purpose- producing electricity.

But how much energy do the wind turbine generators produce? The truth is that it could not be determined due to the many factors which it depends on: quality of the turbine generator, quality and size of the wind turbine as a construction, region the wind turbine is located in and so on. However, on average it is claimed that a wind turbine can produce between 20 and 30 kilowatts per day, which is absolutely enough for the average American household.

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