Yamaha Ef2400is Generator

Yamaha is a well known company that produces high quality generators. The Yamaha EF2400IS generator is among the best that they offer when talking about light weight generator. We can describe it as being completely user friendly and featuring a very good compact design that boasts much more power than we might believe when we look at the size.

The Yamaha EF2400IS generator is capable of starting most RV air conditioners of 13,500 BTU. We are also in front o a highly environmentally friendly model. It is powered by a very good 171 cc Yamaha engine that will be able to power the generator for around 9 hours. The Yamaha EF2400IS features a gas tank of 1.6 gallons. What makes this model really good is the fact that a larger unit will usually consume a lot more fuel and you can expect twice the emissions quantity that this Yamaha model does. In the event that you are concerned with the effect on the environment you should seriously consider buying this generator.

There are many specialists that believe that the Yamaha EF2400IS is the best generator that the company created so far. It features a very compact design that is small and yet really powerful. It can meet the personal needs of most regular users. At continuous output the device shows a 2000 watts rating and it just weighs 70 pounds. This basically means that you can easily transport it wherever you might want to go. We are talking about a perfect power source that can be used for running AC in hot days, watching TV or running a microwave oven. The Yamaha EF2400IS generator is suitable for powering sensitive electronics and computers with the use of a special inverter system featuring PWM control.

On every fill up you can expect 9 hours of runtime. This is enough to supply you with the power needed all through the night. A special technology called Smart Throttle is used. It will vary the speed of the engine on the basis of load. Due to this you will notice that fuel economy is improved while noise is being reduced. The Yamaha EF2400IS is campsite friendly as it just generates 53 db of noise.

You will find that the Yamaha EF2400IS generator is really simple to use and easy to store. It shows 2400 watts in starting power and all is easily accessible with an included control panel. There is even a visible gas gage in order to always know how much gas you have left. The oil monitoring system is done thanks to the Oil Watch feature, which will alert you whenever there is low oil pressure. On the whole the Yamaha EF2400IS generator is really a smart choice for people that need small generators.

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