Graduate Construction Jobs

For those who are looking for a career that can truly make a difference and change the world around us a graduate career in construction and building services is something you should look into.

If you choose to enter the graduate construction field you are will be learning to create, restore, and sustaining construction projects. These projects often will range during your career from building family homes to large town centers, infrastructures and everything else in between. The specialty you pick may be in project design, overseeing or project management or inspection and quality control of project during construction and afterwards.

Construction career graduates are normally in high demand and whether you want to work locally or worldwide the opportunities are endless. The majority of the large construction companies have a formal and structured application process to integrate graduates into the industry. Some employers hire and recruit all year but others do an annual recruitment drive with fixed deadlines that must be adhered to. The number of new construction graduates employed by companies varies and is usually a sign of how many and how large are the contracts for the following year. It is usually only the very large firms that hire a set quota each graduation period.

There are many different types or fields that you may want to consider in the graduate construction including: architecture, building services, building services engineering, construction management, facilities and project management and project planning. Once employed you may end up specializing as you gain more experience. You could choose between structural types such as residential, transport, commercial or even sports and leisure. It is also possible to specialize in a particular work aspect such as building service engineering. Graduates of the construction trades can also find employment as consultants hired by clients to advice on projects. Contracting can be an option as well and the graduate could be employed to oversee that subcontractors are hired and do the work they are hired to do. As well large corporations such as supermarket chains often have their own specialist facilities management workers to manage their buildings and construction projects.

Most people in the construction industry, despite long hours, severe weather conditions and hard work love their jobs and the chance to see their work take shape.

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