International Oil Jobs

The international oil industry is one of the few industries today continuing to hire, in spite of the current world economy. It is an industry that is an absolute necessity to the whole planet. Without the international oil industry the planet would be a dark, cold, and hungry place. The global oil industry is important to the world's survival and is in need of a well trained, safe and effective workforce. To work in the international oil field a perspective employee must be at least twenty one and have a graduate degree (and in some cases an undergraduate) in any of the oil and gas topics. Also a strong physical stature is necessary, as some jobs can be very physical. In addition, a potential employee must like challenges and working in sometimes hostile conditions. Some job locations present harsh weather or rough terrain which affects the work environment. However, being up to a challenge is part of being an employee in this industry. The salary is very good; pay varies for differing positions and also depends on the company worked for. Labor Unions in this industry are also an advantage because they help maintain job retention and work opportunities. There are locations all over the world, in places such as The Middle East, London, Scotland, Asia, South America, Mexico, Trinidad and Tobago just to name a few. Work is available in locations some people only dream of visiting. Deciding to pursue an international career is a real opportunity to explore the world. In the global oil industry the jobs can be exciting and rewarding. There are plenty of good job opportunities and there is excellent training especially through internships. The internships offer training with hands on the work. Also, there is training offered. Generally the kinds of jobs available are extraction, refining, marketing, construction, engineering and survey analysis. Other more specific positions are available and can be sought on the internet. A search on the internet can produce a good number of reliable job search portals. An international oil job seeker can also check out job boards, government sites and public interests sites for expansion of their job search.

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