Jobs In Oil Company

There are two categories of jobs in an oil company: engineering and journeymen. The engineering jobs encompass several positions. The geologist and geophysicist survey the site for seismic activity by using sonic equipment to determine composition of the soil. The paylonologist studies the fossils in the earth in a site that is going to be the drilling site. The well log analyst takes measurements during drilling or after a well is completed to evaluate the production potential of a well. A land agent handles the business tasks and the legalities for the real estate that's being used. The drilling engineer designs and implements the drilling process to extract oil in the most economic and safe methods. A production engineer is required to analyze, interpret, and optimize the production of the well. The reservoir engineer works to optimize production of oil via proper well placement, production levels, and enhanced oil recovery methods. A facility engineer makes sure that the oil facility is in compliance with all federal and state regulations while it is in operation. Energy economists deal with the supply and demand of energy and its use in various societies.

The journeymen jobs are the construction, maintenance, and other non-college degree jobs. Pipeliners maintain and repair pipelines, pumping stations, and tank farms. Construction workers build the facility and oil wells at the work site. Drillers are responsible for the drilling and the rig's machinery. The toolpusher is the boss at the drilling site and keeps the drilling team on schedule. The roughneck's job is to change drill fittings, carry parts and pipes, operate the drilling equipment and repair problems with the rig itself. The derrickhand is responsible for the drilling mud, which lubricates the hole and takes care of the entire drilling process, from the actual drilling to the removing of the drill. The roustabout performs maintenance duties that would otherwise take time away from the other workers.

There is also an apprenticeship program where a person could receive on the job training at a reduced rate of pay. These jobs often pay a high salary to compensate for the large blocks of downtime that an oil rig may experience from time to time. All of these positions are needed to ensure that the oil company runs efficiently.

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