Jobs In The Oil Industry

The oil industry began internationally, in Poland, when the first oil refineries were built in 1854-1856. The oil industry began domestically in the USA in 1859 when oil was successfully drilled in Titusville, Pa. By the 1920's oil fields were established in many countries including; Canada, Poland, Sweden, The Ukraine, The US, and Venezuela. Today there are currently over 40,000 oilfields of all sizes world wide. The booming field of the oil industry is an ever expanding arena, due to the increasing needs of the world population. The oil industry is a many faceted industry causing the need for a large workforce world wide. The Industry is broken up into two main components; upstream which is exploration, development and production of crude oil or natural gas; downstream which is oil tankers - transportation, refiners, retailers, and consumers. To break down the industry even further there are oilfields both domestic and international, job positions can be found either close to home (the United States) or in places such as Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Mexico, Canada, Russia, Japan, Germany, Malaysia and the list goes on. There is any number of exciting places to work in the oil industry. Although the pay is good the work can be challenging. A hostile work environment, terrain or weather conditions can summon those of a fit physical nature to work in this field. The fields to work in in the oil industry can be generally categorized; Work can be found on an oil rig either - on land or offshore; a pipeline; or a mine. All aspects of this industry are growing. Some positions require nothing but a high school diploma and a willingness to work while others need a bachelors' or a more specialized degree. Whether a potential employee is just joining the field as an entry level worker or changing over careers, the oil industry is the place to look for many jobs, even with government. There are multiple titles just working for the federal government alone. One site that is free for information on all federal government oil jobs is This is on of the best locations to start looking for a job in the oil field.

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Michael Jaeger said:

I am ticketed with my CSTS, First Ais /CPR level C/ H2S Alive/ Building Service Worker ticket I am looking to start a carrer in the Oil and Gas Indusry. I live in Alberta, Canada and I am willing to go to camp or move to small town to start some a career. My number is 403 471 6044 My email is I am looking forward to an opportunity to an interview thank you sincerely

kevin hunter said:

i have worked in the alberta oil sands as a surveyor assistant,i have lots of experience in this field of work.ready and willing to start work imedeitly,please contact me at or phone 1-506-260-2408 anytime

Kris Hicks said:

I am a student who is currently looking for a full time position to fill in the deficit between now and February of 2011. I have my WHMIS, H2S and First Aid certification. I have 6 monthes of experience working security in Dawson Creek Alberta at the Noel Major Project for BP. I am a fast learner with a go get 'em attitude. Please contact me at 250-215-8870 and I would be happy to submit my resume. Thank you and have a great day.

Fredericton said:

Yes please do take Kevin Hunter out west, he is nothing but a liar, cheat and a physio path Good luck and make sure to keep your wives away from him, or girlfriends he will try sleeping with them

Sreejith said:

I'm from India,a Post Graduate in Management with Specialization in Finance & Operations.I have more than 3 years of experience in the Financial industry(stock market)which absolutely and completely projects the financial status of the Country.I am very much interested in offering my services in the capacity of ”Financial, Operations,Business Intelligence" aspects of the organization. I am interested in this capacity since " An opportunity as this is varied and stimulating because each day offers a newer challenge that’s different from the previous day. As a part of Team we need to challenge conventional thoughts, offer unique perspectives and conceive more innovative solutions that would assist in making our daily operations smooth enough. With the help of a strong analytical mind and problem solving skills information's can be processed to create operational solutions that would assist in optimizing our daily operations ". Interested Employers can contact me at or at +91 9048259747. With great respect and esteem. Sreejith

Unknown said:


Billy Donnachie said:

I have worked as a labourer for 5 years but am very keen on an entry level job on an oil rig. I am willing to relocate anywhere,my email is i would appreciate if you can contact me

Tyler Turner said:

I just finished my pre apprentice for electrical and is willing to do any kind of work on thew rigs anywhere and will take any courses need for you to want me to work for you I am a deticated hard worker who never gives up give me a call at 1-250-878-3505 if you are interested

Zack deLure said:

Im am a 21 year old male and am looking to get into a oil career. I dont have experience on the rigs but i learn quickly and am mechanically inclined. How do i go about getting into the oil industry if i dont have experience?

Kiefer Charman-Cauthers said:

Kiefer Charman-Cauthers 250-551-1643 January 12, 2012 To Whom It May Concern, I am currently looking for an entry level camp job. I believe I would be a valuable asset to your company for the following reasons: I am a physically fit young man with a strong ability to follow direction very well. Through my many years of general labour experience I see my natural aptitude to use power tools and other general construction machinery. My abillty as a natural problem solver enables team members to come to me for direction. I am currenty recieving my TDG, WHMIS, and Ocupational First Aid Level 1, to add to my credentials. I am motivated to work long hard hours and am willing to work the maximum amount of time allowed. I am available immediatly for work with your company. Please contact me at (250) 551-1643 or email: Attached is my resume for your review. Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely, Kiefer Charman-Cauthers

Jordan said:

Hi i would love to get into drilling rigs, i am a 20 year old farm boy that lives in southern alberta , i have 2 years exp running vac truck i have h2s, confinded space, first aid, pst if you want more info or have a job offer email me at thanks

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