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Finding the right career is important when it comes to finding true job satisfaction. For most people, its not the comfort and easy time they get while they work, it's the much they make at the very end of it. And that is what makes the offshore oil jobs so lucrative. They are best reserved for the folks that are not afraid of getting their hands dirty, and are ready to put their brain, and their muscle into use. And with the oil industry ever growing, you can be sure of job opportunities arising every so often.

Basically, offshore oil jobs have to do with getting oil from the earth below. These are usually centered in oil rigs in the open waters. For most people, the waters provide a place to get away from it all, but when it comes to oil jobs, it's a place to get a living from. Unlike the other jobs where you do a nine to fiver, with offshore oil jobs, you get to work for 14 days a month, and take the rest off. Doing the math right, you get that in a whole year, you get 3/5 of it off. For any working Joe who gets lesser time off, that sounds like an awesome job, and it in fact is.

Most of the offshore oil jobs need as much physical engagement as they do mental. As much as a degree or diploma is of the essence, what you can do with it is what's more important. The range of jobs is huge, ranging from engineering, to geology and geophysics, medics and telecommunication. Others that need more manual input include derrickpersons who operate the huge drilling machineries. It's all about working your way up the chain until you get to the high positions.

Oil jobs are among the best paying. For an average day of work, your lowest pay for a starter is usually $300 a day. And given the fact that you are given half the month off to enjoy your earnings, it sounds like a pretty good deal. Once you work your way up to the more vied positions like of a driller, you earn more, somewhere in the lines of $500 a day. In a year, you get about $220,000 which is the maximum. That is the kind of figure that guarantees you financial independence if you learn to manage your finances right. Searching online for job vacancies could be your start to your career in the oil industry.

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