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The demand for both skilled and unskilled workers is expected to grow substantially world wide. Oil companies offer university graduates in the areas required by the industry, huge salaries and there are many opportunities available. Because of the very high prices of energy, the salaries reported last year alone as a starting salary was over $80,000. It is needless to say that if you were to include bonuses the number would be even higher.

One thing that has to be considered is that this sudden growth in the opportunities could be attributed to the fact that a large portion of the oil industry workforce is getting ready to retire. There is a great deal of pressure among the oil companies to improve the jobs available and to find new oil reserves.

In Canada there is a growing need for oil company workers because of the 24 hour a day production of oil in Alberta in the oil sands region. This is the area where heavy oil extraction and refinement into the usable crude oil is taking place. It was reported that the government of Canada is seeking thousands of workers for the next three years to meet the goals of the project. Any workers from geologists, steel workers, welders, heavy equipment operators and pipe fitters are needed. Salaries sometimes average at around $120,000 per year.

The major employer in the upstream oil sector has proven to be the UK. This area employs a little over 250,000 a year in Scotland, south and north England. The petroleum industry is reported to have more then 150,000 workers and that does not include the thousands of contract workers that it hires. The UK market not only consists of independent distributers of fuel, but also power generators, gas stations and the military. This means that there are workers needed in all activities that relates to refining, manufacturing and of course retail.

The worldwide demand for university graduates in the field of geosciences, for petroleum engineers and for blue collar workers has risen substantially. The overwhelming demand for many unskilled workers on the pipelines and drilling and refinery jobs has also risen.

The overall trend dictates that the demand will increase and therefore more opportunities will cause there to be even better salaries and bigger rewards for working at a job in the oil industry.

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