Jobs On Offshore Oil Rigs

Work on offshore oil rigs is a career that is very unique and demanding. It is very specialized and therefore not something that will appeal to everyone. And they have positions at different levels that will allow a person to apply even if they have never worked in that industry before. They major consideration is that it is very physically demanding. So it is not a job for a person who is not in good health and able to keep up with the vigorous schedule. Naturally this is a field that is primarily geared towards younger workers. That is why the approximate average age for such workers is about 27 years. Of course the more experience the person has in this kind of work the better the chances are for you to get hired. However, there are entry-level positions available. So this does allow for a person who has not checked into this type of career before. Thus as long as one has the basic health issues resolved then this can be a possible option to consider. And then it is easy to at least visit the designate web sites to see what positions are available to see if there is a job that matches your given skills and experiences.

With on offshore oil rig job you will have to be willing to travel. And even though there are no the kinds of educational requirements that might be needed for some other fields, there is a lot of weight given to dependability. So having a stable work history is very essential. Plus there are places on the internet that can give further information about the nature of jobs and the given requirements. They can give details so one can review all the facts about the types of jobs and possible locations where one might end up working. And they can provide access to a handbook to help better prepared to apply for work in this field. They can also answer questions regarding the nature of any particular job and what specialized skills might be required. With this kind of help the assistance anyone that is wishing to investigate the benefits and possible career options that are available.

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Bram Lewerissa said:

Please send me vacancy for Oil Rig Jobs. We have a Labour supply company in Oil Industry job. If you are needed Drilling Rig Crews, please send your inquiry to us ASAP. We have so many skilled workers and ready to work on the rigs (Onshore/Offshore). Contact numbers : +62(21) 98161960, +62 81315939909 and Email :

FIKRET said:

How I can apply for electrical Oil Rif Jobs

Tom Newton said:

hi I'm a hard working Aussie that can work long hours and willing to work anywhere please contact me on 778-919-7493 thankyou

Jerry Jones Afful said:

I'm a holder of Certificate in General Drilling and Dip. in IT. currently working for Adamus Res. Ltd.(Gold Mining Company In Ghana) as Stores Assistant in charge of Data and Material Control. I'm seeking a job in the oil industry as Derricman, Roughneck,Helper or Stores/Materials. Please, E-mail at Thanks.

Risto said:

I am very interested in a job on oil platforms, but i have no experience.My e-mail Im hoping for your reply.thank you

ron51 said:

Never worked off shore before been in construction past ten years would like the chance to work off shore the construction industry has shut down need to provide for my family willing to take entry level job and work hard have exp. in welding and mechanics very fast learner and hard worker please contact me with any info at cell-(256)399-7369 thanks Ronnie Smith

Eddie Martinez said:

I'm looking for work I'm 23 years old I have 4 years in experience in oil rig I'm derrick hand n floor hand give me a call 714 795 4390

Brent said:

currently working motors for akita drilling out of alberta canada wanting to got off shore have worked for them for the past two years

Mon said:

I am looking for a job in platform as steward,being on the cruiseship for the past 20 me at monchingd2@yahoo.comthank you.

steve wilbanks said:

I am looking for work in alaska or the north offshore.I have 12 yrs.exerience off the coast of santa barbara calif. call me at 805-901-1593 or

remote data backup said:

I know this is a job that requires great experience and training. I am a mechanical engineer in USA. I have been worked in oil companies like this. However, not a big one like this. Am I eligible to apply to this job?

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