Maintenance Supervisor

There are maintenance supervisors in all aspects of industry. A maintenance supervisors' general job description is to oversee procedures in what ever field of employment worked in. All aspects of industry require a skilled, independent worker to manage the mechanical aspects of that business. A maintenance supervisor is responsible for the repair, revamping and maintenance of a variety of mechanical items. In all fields of the oil industry, a maintenance supervisor is necessary, the job may fall under other titles determined by industry facet but the job is still generally the same. The maintenance supervisor is in charge of making decisions about required maintenance and inspections; constant walking and standing are necessary - the job is very physical; a basic understanding of how job related equipment works; handles problems, complaints and trains staff in all safety procedures. Furthermore a maintenance supervisor must be prepared to continue personal training and education to keep up with all maintenance related advances. Also, maintenance supervisors carry the responsibility for all maintenance activities, to ensure that the equipment is being used in a timely manner, and at satisfactory levels. Maintenance Supervisor hiring qualifications are as listed here:

The absolute requirement to have good communications skills

Knowledge of industry machinery and equipment

Good technical and mechanical skills

Mechanics certification

Experience as a maintenance worker

Experience as a supervisor

The ability to work in sometimes adverse weather conditions

Being physically fit

The job of maintenance supervisor is extremely important to the functioning of a job site. As maintenance supervisor the hours are long, shifts can range from 12-14 hours. Interpersonal communication skills are very critical; if working with people is not a personality trait; this job will not be a good fit. The imperative ability to communicate properly to your team and upper management, if not done correctly will affect the performance of the whole rig. Sound leadership qualities are essential; being a team leader is part of the job. Also, basic writing skills are obligatory due to the necessity of filing maintenance reports; they must be accurately written. This will also affect the safety of personnel on the job site. Likewise, for completing risk assessments and obtaining work permits, they must be accurately filled out.

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