All jobs have working hazards, some not as prevalent as others. Working in the oil industry can sometimes mean encountering on the job hazards and those hazards can sometimes expose the worker to all sorts of risks. It is the job related dangers that require a medic. In general terms a medic is a term for an individual involved in the medicine field; especially in emergency or first response services. Oil industry workers perform some of the most dangerous tasks. Work in the oil industry can be adventurous, dangerous and profitable. Although a worker may take all manner of safety precautions, there is still the chance of injury or illness via the actions of others or by conditions on the oilfield. The position of medic in the oil industry can also double as rig safety and training coordinator. A medic on an oil rig is a major support role. Medics are the initial response to any medical related incident on an oil rig; the ability to make quick, informed decisions is a must. Medics work in two shifts on a rig, day shift or night shift. Someone always has to be on call. Medics on rigs have to make due with the supplies on hand because of the remote locations of many oil fields. Also a medic will have to hold weekly first aid/safety seminars; to keep the workers on the rig prepared for possible incidents. A medic in the oil industry can earn a salary of approximately $60,000 per year. Potential applicants should have a high level of medical training. This position does not require the applicants to be a doctor, some are former nurses. Some medics on an oil rig are company trained persons; they are trained in advanced first aid and hold certificates in advanced first aid for most if not all offshore oil rigs. The job of medic requires: the upkeep of medical supplies and on board medical equipment; the issuance of medications when necessary; the maintenance of the sick bay area; knowledge of patient assessment and initiating medical procedures; and intermediate life support procedures and techniques. Also there are medic positions in medical support companies. These companies work to transport ailing workers from rigs to hospitals.

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Dennis Patterson said:

I am an EMT-Paramedic Haz wopper instructor and other safety training. I have some experience insecurity, safety and inspection I also a a fair cook. I am ready to go off shore

Kevin Collins said:

I am a Fire Fighter in the Air force and about to end my enlistment. im currently a nationally registered emt and am hazardous materials technicion. please contact me with any openings. 408-621-5795.

Liudmila said:


Electronic health record specialist said:

Medics in oil industry of course can get a very high salary. This is mainly because they are the sole people responsible for the health of the workers and at the same time they need to take care of themselves in the most dangerous place in the world.

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Yes even i heard about the entire process in an oil industry in an essay services reviews, where people who work there must be very cautious due to the making process of oil. But you have described it well in this share which lists the best precautions and safety measures to take. Especially medic must be included.

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