Mining Jobs In Australia

Australia is rich in natural resources; mining jobs in Australia are plentiful. Among other types of mining, such as coal, gold, and other precious metals and minerals, Australia is the source of much of the world's oil and natural gas. To work on an offshore oil rig you need to be certified in first aid and CPR. Mining jobs, in the oil industry, in Australia hire skilled and unskilled labor. If you are an unskilled laborer, you will likely be hired as a roustabout, on a rig site.

People who work mining jobs, in the oil industry, in Australia have a tough job. The workers have to live in close quarters with one another. The work schedules are demanding. Some workers work two weeks on and two weeks off duty, and others work two weeks on duty and one week off duty. There are many different types of jobs that one could qualify for in regards to offshore oil mining jobs in Australia.

If you are an RN or a Medic you may be able to land a job on an oil rig. Medical personnel will usually have other jobs besides caring for the sick and injured. Nurses and medics can also work as a safety officer and a training coordinator, if needed. Medical personnel on offshore oil rigs usually do physical exams on the employees twice per year to make sure all are healthy.

What goes on above the water is important, but what goes on under the water is even more important, which is why oil rigs have subsea engineers. Subsea engineers are responsible for designing, building, and installing underwater pipelines, offshore drilling rigs, transportation equipment and other heavy machinery. A roustabout can be promoted to an assistant subsea engineer, if he/she has the qualifications necessary. All subsea engineers must have working knowledge of all undersea equipment and vehicles.

Welders are very important to the mining jobs in Australia. Rig welders build the oil rigs and keep them in good repair as necessary. A rig welder may be moved from rig to rig as necessary. This person must have vast knowledge in safety procedures to keep himself and everyone on the rig safe.

All the specialists and engineers must have working knowledge of the high tech tools that are used in computer aided design. Engineers have to be able to show their ideas on a working model made by a computer image. There are many mining jobs in Australia that are entry level and professional level positions. You can find out what types of jobs is available by doing a search online.

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