Offshore Drilling Jobs

Offshore drilling jobs offer a steady paycheck and a sense of adventure. These jobs can be divided into three classifications: professional, tradesmen, and laborers. Each of these classifications has its own set of education requirements, experience requirements, and health requirements. It is widely recommended that a person have some experience working on a land based oil rig before working offshore. Working on a land based rig will give one the experience needed to be able to work offshore. In all offshore drilling jobs, it is important to be in optimum health. Offshore drilling jobs require Coast Guard and Offshore Survival certifications prior to employment. The average work shift is 12 hours for days at a time with a number of days off.

The professional offshore drilling jobs include the engineers, coordinators, paramedics, sales, electricians, and technicians. Engineers help design the oil rigs and to counter various problems that may arise. Coordinators manage the workers during a work shift. Electricians take care of the electrical system for the oil rig. The sales team find buyers for the oil that is extracted.

Tradesmen have a valuable place in an offshore drilling site. These jobs would include, but not be limited to: mechanics, clerical workers, toolpushers, derrickhands, and cooks. The derrickhands are responsible for maintaining the pipes in the derrick and also to make sure that there is sufficient mud to lubricate the drill bit. The toolpusher is the night manager of the drilling department. Clerical workers are responsible for all paperwork generated on the rig. Mechanics maintain and inspect all the mechanical equipment. Cooks provide meals for the workers on the rig.

The jobs that require the least amount of education but have the most physical activity are the labor jobs. These jobs would include: roustabouts, roughnecks, and drillers. The lowest ranking job would be the roustabout, who assists in manual labor tasks, including loading, truck driving, lifting, and operating machinery. This job requires a high school diploma and the ability to work heavy machinery. The roughnecks check to make sure that all drilling equipment is operational.

Offshore drilling jobs offer premium accommodations and benefits packages as compensation for the long, hard hours and extreme work environment. With the increase in offshore drilling, the opportunity for finding offshore drilling jobs will also increase.

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