Offshore Oil Jobs

Offshore oil jobs refer to jobs in the petroleum industry that are not conducted on land. Typically these jobs are located off the actual continents of the world, but less frequently drilling can be done in lakes and seas. The drilling is for fossil fuels such as gas and oil. These jobs are not for everyone, in that there are a lot of very hard backbreaking work, but they are challenging, rewarding and can pay handsomely as well.

There are various sites where interested individuals can find positions for offshore oil jobs, there are hundreds of positions available. One of the reasons is that the offshore oil industry is losing personnel through the aging process. As the workers become older they retire leaving room for new recruits. You may think that offshore oil jobs are all crunchy dirty work that only men can do. The good news is that there are about 21 percent of women in the oil industry and room for many more to join the industry at different jobs and levels of expertise. The whole face of the industry is changing with the times.

The training is very interesting and not only includes the regular training for each specific job that are similar to onshore oil jobs, there are some unique training required. For example every recruit gets dunked into a swimming pool of water, which makes perfect sense when they are offshore in the ocean, sometimes twenty miles away from shore. The last thing you need is for someone to be afraid of the water. Even more daunting is being forced to escape from a helicopter. You just never know what will happen on the water, especially if you are in areas such as the Gulf of Mexico, which is known for its tropical storms and hurricanes. Being trained to understand and confront the elements is a necessary part of doing the offshore oil jobs.

Women enter offshore oil jobs because they too enjoy the challenge over onshore oil jobs. Women have entered the industry at different levels, no longer does obtaining an offshore oil job mean that you have to start from the bottom as a roustabout or roughneck cleaning equipment. Women holding a master's in petroleum engineering can start at a very decent position as an offshore production engineer.

To keep a steady flow of candidates, universities should offer actual apprenticeship programs for engineering students who want offshore oil jobs, that way they can have some experience already when joining the company. This would give them a chance to move up the oil rigging latter of success more quickly and efficiently.

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Rolando Jacela Jr. said:

Good day sir, I have 21 years experience on tanker and 14 years in my present position as a Pump man in VLCC, oil chem, bunker ship and Im 43 years old,I have knowledge also about arc welding, basic lathe machine and I have experience working as a pumpman deck fitter, renewing pipe lines on board ship .now I am keep looking for a job on rigs,fpsos or any offshore jobs.Im willing to undergo as trainee on my first month if necessary,Please inform me if there's any possiblities. thanking you Sir! ( ( I am very much appreciated hiring me.

melvin kennedy said:

hey my name is melvin kennedy i am 20 years old and i am looking for a good offshore job. i am a hard worker looking for a good job and i am willing to go through training to become officially a member of the job so if don't mind u can give me a call on 3184970149 or u can email me at thank you

dane garner said:

hi my name is dane garner. i am a hard worker and i have want to join off shore oil rigs i am 18 years old i wood be willing to go through all the steps that are need to join and i am looking to stay for a long time there is a lot more i can say to you over the phone or email if you are looking for some one who will work as a part of a team and wood love his job my email is that you and have a nice day

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Well, there are a lot of job opportunities in offshore oil rigs. My uncle is working in such a facility and he is currently in the position of electrical supervisor. Yeah, the job in such a facility is too risky, but the pay is real high.

Mircea Badoiu said:

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