Offshore Oil Rig Jobs

The offshore oilrig experience is very different from working onshore. Workers are working in the middle of the sea where nature can jeopardize their very existence. In places like the Gulf of Mexico, there are many hurricanes and severe tropical storms. The offshore oilrig functions like a city for its workers habitation. They can be very small floating cities or be as large as football stadiums with derricks as high as skyscrapers.

Even with these natural hazards to contend with, offshore oilrig jobs can be both challenging and yet very rewarding for the right person. Offshore workers live in barracks attached to the platforms. They work hard 12 hours a day for seven days a week and then they are entitled to a week break onshore. However, there are companies that require a worker to work two to three weeks straight and then have two or three weeks offshore. As you can see this job is really hard work with incredibly long hours.

Some of these jobs are so far away such as 20 miles offshore that workers are transported to the oilrig via helicopter. Just like onshore there are many of the same jobs available.

At the entry level there are positions available for roustabouts. These laborers are unskilled and semi skilled, but are so important to every oilrig crew. Most of the new hires coming into the marine and drilling sections of the oil industry start out as roughnecks or roustabouts. This is where they get the training to go onto the other jobs such as leading a drill crew followed by head driller, superintendent and finally offshore installation manager.

The job of the roustabouts can be compared to the able bodied seaman on board a ship. The roustabout is responsible for the unskilled work of maintaining and cleaning the equipment so that it is in tiptop shape. They clean, paint, remove rust and direct the huge cranes as they come onboard.

There are two different divisions for roustabouts on offshore oilrigs. There are roustabouts responsible for the maintenance, and then there are roughnecks who work with the drilling crew.

Roustabouts and roughnecks normally take one of two offshore career paths. The first path is to move up the drilling crew hierarchy. The second path roustabouts can choose is working towards becoming a crane operator, or the rigging foreman or crane superintendent. These positions start with on the job training and the roustabouts will start by replacing workers on lunch and coffee breaks and gradually work their way up the ladder in whichever career path they choose.

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sean bernier said:

i am a 36 year old man looking for an oppurtunity to work for your very reliable,physically fit and hard working if your interested in hiring me please contact me at 403 293 4055.thank you

luke curd said:

i am a 29 year old man looking to change my career path i currently work on a fpso 50km off the coast of new plymouth zealand as a steward acting as secound cook which iv been on since march 2007 i wont to get involved in the drilling side of things and mabe travel to other parts of the can contact me on 0277845110

cory quigley said:

i am 22 years looking to try and get started in the oil industry.i am young but have been successfully working for the past 6 years and am looking to forward to see if your company could give me a chance with working .i would be willing to start where ever i would be needed i just am looking for a career that offers something my town doesn't offer

cory quigley said:


Ron Thibault said:

I am a 37 year old man looking for an exciting new career in the oil industry.I have 20 years of experience in the forestry construction business, including pipe laying and operating various types of machinery my contact number is 250-818-9484



Michael Jaeger said:

I have my CSTS/First Aid level C/ H2S /Whimis and resume and cover letter looking to start a career in th oil and gas industry any where i can start. I have 14 years exp i construction and i am illing to go to school to learn more i am in Canada phone # 403 471 6044 or email at

Tegan Brown said:

I am a 33 year old man with 10 years experience in the Oil Patch. Most involved Mud units as well as Vacuum Trucks,Combo's,Hydro-Excvation, ect. Can hold my own with most any man. Have all training such as,SABA/SCBA, Advanced First Aid/CPR,TDG, H2S Alive, Confined Space + Rescue, ect.Newfoundlander who knows what the old school work ethic still is. Open to oppertunity.

Christopher said:

Hi i am a 25 year old male from South Africa looking to get into the oil industry, i have been working as a draughtsman for the past four years please contact me through e-mail my e-mail address is

kale aken said:

I am 19 years old . i dont have any experience in this industry but am very kean to get into it. i am currently doing furnitue removal in Brisbane Australia . pulling long hours , am physically fit for the job .would be kean on any postion your company had to offer ,my number is 040274391. Thanks kale

kale aken said:

Chris Gunther said:

I am a 36 year old father of 3.Mechanically apt and very hard working. I have always wanted a chance to work on an offshore rig but never been given the break my # is 604 485 0097

Nathan Russell said:

Im 18 years old looking to get into the oil industry. im cooperative and i work well with others. im able to learn new skills quickly. i plan to make a life of working on the oil rigs. im reliable and responsible i would be fit for the job. i would very much appreciate any position your company has to offer me. i can be contacted at 1-519-428-6326 or by email thank you for your time and consideration. i look forword to hearing from you.

Ben Rohloff said:

I am a 27 year old male who has worked in the petro chemical industry as schaffolder at Caltex Refineries Austalia for over 10 years. I am a very hard, honest and reliable worker with all the knowledge and skills necessary and I am always looking for a challange to broaden my skills and knowledge. I can take direction, work solo or in a team, under extremly dangerous and hazardous environments and under extreme pressure. I think I would be an asset to this company as I have all the knowledge and skills necessary in rigging and schaffolding and in extreme environments. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you. Please contact me on 0404 28 17 17. Thank you. Kind regards, Ben Rohloff I am used to working long hours, shift work and in dangerous environments.

martin dawson said:

im 28 years old and ive been looking to work as a roustebout ive got a bosiet course coming up would tha give me an advantage

matt king said:

iam twnety years old and was laid off in the forest industry.I like working long hours and learning skills from experienced people. call me when ever 1 250 255 2304

Pranjal Boiragi said:

I'm 27yrs old, From India, i have a diploma in Mechanical Engineering, i have been working with ONGC, india, Since 2 Yrs, in Drilling, i have the capabality to work for long hours, in diverse conditions. Plz mail me,

Martin Brown said:

I believe I have an idea that will be able to stop the gulf of Mexico oil leak and possilby be a new way for fail safe in the future of drilling.please contact me 941-795-4143.

Adjei Francis said:

I'm 31 years of age looking for employment in oil drilling company and sea works I have 5 years experience in oil field and have my certificate with me, I have 2 years experience in marine job and have my recomandation in sea man book. I would be pleased if you can help me to get a job. yours faithfully Francis

Shane Dobbs said:

I am a 31 currently living in Perth WA,i am originally form New Zealand.I have worked in both underground and open cut mining,and am currently employed as a Crew Manager for a property maintenance business.I would love the opportunity to get into this line of work at entry level with the goal for job growth.I am reliable and motivated,i can be contacted at or +61(0) 406213892.Regards,Shane Dobbs

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