Oil And Gas Jobs

The global demand for oil is growing every year, so its only logical that jobs in the oil and gas business is growing as well. Because oil is needed and produced world wide, the opportunities are much greater then many domestic jobs. Gas and oil jobs are very diverse. The production of oil starts with finding where to drill, all the way to delivering the gasoline to its customers.

The oil and gas industry employ millions of people world wide. It has every imaginable labor job, and several professional positions as well. Professional positions include Geologists who are needed to find where to drill, Engineers, in mechanical, quality , and electrical processes, as well as accountants, managers, and finance people.

Skilled labor positions are numerous. Oil rig jobs is one large area that employees many different skilled labor, as well as non skilled labor. It takes a vast amount of workers to run an oil rig. Mechanics, drillers, electrician, and mechanics are just a few skilled labor jobs available. Deck hands, security workers, and Captains and crew are also needed. The oil rigs are usually off shore so this requires other positions too. Cooks and kitchen staff, housekeepers, and store keepers are needed to house and feed the workers in between shifts, and to make their time at sea more enjoyable..

Jobs in the oil industry also are at the refinery level. The oil is pumped and sent off to be refined, and turned into fuel. Engineers, chemists, and other professional positions are needed at the refineries. Mechanics are needed to build and maintain machines. Pump operators, Lab assistants,, control panel operators are just a few more jobs in the oil refinery area.

There are dozens of websites that cater to the oil and gas industry. There are oil employment job sites, as well as the oil companies personal websites

These sites contain all the information needed to see if you qualify and would be interested in employment in the oil and gas business. Some fields require master degree or higher education such as chemists and engineers, but others require little no education. Whatever your interests or qualifications a career in the oil industry is a wise choice, at this stage in time.

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