Oil Company Jobs

Many graduates from colleges and universities are being sought after by the major oil production companies due to many factors. One such factor is that the work force is aging. In the 80's little or no hiring was being done. According to recent studies, the average age of a worker is 49 and that close to half of today's workforce may need replacement in as little as 10 years time.

The oil production industry is really booming and that oil companies have lots of money. They are able to spend whatever it takes to recruit the best people. College and university graduates who are educated in the geosciences and who can use the latest technology are highly sought after to help the oil companies to help them to locate more oil.

Some employers are offering salaries to top graduates at around $50 to $60 thousand dollars but most start a little lower. Years ago it was hard to find a job with a without degree in the geosciences or at least one that paid well in the oil industry. Now it would seem that employers are very willing to hire many undergraduates and to provide training themselves. It would seem that there are just not enough graduates with a master's degree but enrolment does seem to be rising.

There are many options of the kind of job that you want when working for an ail company. You can choose from labour, to white collar, to management to administrative. Having an idea of the three sections of the oil industry is helpful in choosing which position you want. The three sections are upstream, midstream and downstream.

Upstream is related to oil exploration and drilling. Midstream is the moving of oil from the production areas to the refineries. Down streaming refers to the wholesalers and the retailers such as gas stations. Most of the major oil companies are a combination of all three and offer many various opportunities for employment in all areas. As an employee of a major oil company you may well be able to gain enough experience to move from different facilities in different parts of the world.

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