Oil Field Jobs

Having experience or training in the oil industry can get you a good paying job. If you have not had any experience working on an oil field you may not realize how vast a job it is or where to actually start a search.

It is important to realize that the industry is not just about drilling and gas stations. The oil industry employs many people in many different professions. There are some jobs that are specific to only the oil industry such as roughneck or airgun operators. In addition there are welders, medical people, chemists, biologists, cooks, engineers, environmentalists and hundreds and thousands more who are essential to the oil industry. Just because you do not have experience in the oil industry does not mean your experience in not relevant.

Working on an oil field is somewhat different from other jobs. The oil field is running seven days a week and sometimes 24 hours a day. A regular weekend would not exist at this type of job. Work continues no matter what the weather conditions and lasts sometimes for weeks or months at a time. Oil companies are very oriented toward production and there is extremely good money to be made working at an oil field even though the work is very hard with long hours.

There are some things that are important to know if you are considering a job in the oil fields. Some things are just common sense such as being in good physical shape and having all immunizations up to date. A valid driver's license is important as you may have to provide your own transportation to your employer's office to take any testing or have any interviews that need to be done. Having the right kind of clothing and of course safety boots is required.

The job does require that you live away from home and travel and accommodations as well as your meals are provided by the employer while you are working. Safety supplies such as hard hats and reflective vests are also usually provided.

The demand for workers increases in the fall in Canada because the winter months are the busiest due to the ground being frozen. The work tends to drop off around February or March and so companies are more willing to hire and train new workers to the field.

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