Oil Gas Jobs

Despite the general malaise of the world economy there are still thousands of jobs worldwide for people in the Petroleum industry. Canada is presently opened up for a number of oil gas jobs. Oil gas jobs provide a remarkable opportunity for careers in the industry. Oil gas jobs often provide on the job training, good pay and a lot of room for advancement. Oil gas jobs are not just about oilrigs; there are so many jobs for people of different backgrounds to choose. There are hundreds of jobs in the oil gas industry that will require different skills, different education, including enter level jobs to more advanced level jobs. Any interested party can find a job that is best suited to his or her interests and qualifications.

The upstream industry as it is called is about getting oil and gas out of the ground. These jobs include, pumping oil out the ground, mining oil sands, drilling wells, shooting seismic, and trucking supplies. However this is just the tip of the iceberg so to speak. The upstream industry also includes many jobs in environmental studies, engineering and public consultation.

Before even beginning the drilling process the whole business starts on the land. Oil and gas companies must obtain the rights for the land, and this requires people with negotiation skills to work in the oil and gas industry. There are three separate types of rights which must be obtained, the first is the surface rights, allowing the companies to work on the surface of the land, then there is mineral rights which will give the companies the opportunity to explore what is beneath the ground. It is usually the federal or provincial (state) governments, which own these rights. The finally set of rights are called freehold rights and those rights are not owned by the government. Sometimes private landowners will own these rights as well.

The oil and gas companies will contract with land agents who are third parties such as energy asset management professionals. These contractors are responsible for contracting with the private landowners, the farmers, ranchers, homeowners, and Native and Aboriginal groups. They are also knowledgeable in answering questions and concerns that the landowners may have.

If this particular type of work appeals to you there are various types of negotiators available including: land agent, land use technician, lease contract negotiator, reclamation Coordinator, Right of Way Agent/Planner, Subsurface / Surface Mineral Rights Contract Analyst, Subsurface / Surface Mineral Rights Land Administrator, and Subsurface / Surface Mineral Rights Negotiator.

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