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Today's economic woes have drastically changed the way that all working people look at the job market. At any given moment an employed person could find themselves unemployed or watching the threat of unemployment loom on the horizon. This unkind catalyst of change can cause early retirement for some or force others to go for a complete and total career change. No matter what the current employment circumstance presents, having a back up plan is not a bad idea at all. A watch on the current job market can be a great help; especially when using the world's largest classified ad, the internet. The ease, accessibility and world wide reach leads to endless possibilities in using the internet to search for a job. The same old beaten paths can be avoided. There is less stress in the pursuit of a job on the internet; you don't deal directly with the rest of the unemployed public. The ability to look into other career choices makes the possibility of being forced to change careers a little easier. One of the more interesting career fields is the oil industry. A job in the oil industry can be a challenging and rewarding career change. Not only are there positions available as oil riggers, there are also positions as mechanics, engineers, geoscientists, management, well control, petroleum, budget planning, maritime captain and the list goes on. There are so many possible positions but information on these jobs is not readily available unless you peruse the internet. The internet opens the world of oil jobs to those that are interested. There is an abundance of websites pertaining to oil jobs. Job hunters can seek information on the available positions, locations, and potential employer's history with employees and job training. All the information needed to become part of the oil industry is a keyboard away. The best way to begin your search on the internet for oil jobs would be to go to; this is the free website for federal jobs including federal oil jobs. Recommendations vary but for the most part a job in the oil industry is best sought out online.

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