Oil Sales Jobs

Making a sale is never easy. Selling oil is even more difficult because of currency market fluctuations, the politics that is sometimes involved and the rising cost of finding it and production. Still, oil is a valuable commodity all over the world and oil companies rely on the sales in order to keep exploration and production necessary for their companies to thrive.

The sale of oil and oil products is what is known as "downstream" in the oil industry. This refers processing crude oil into finished products like heating oil, asphalt, lubricants, synthetic rubber, plastics, fertilizers, pesticides, and pharmaceuticals. Gas stations are also part of this downstream process. A good oil salesperson will meet with a company or client and let them know why their company's product is the best. Usually, this is proven through the other processes of the oil industry--upstream and midstream. The more efficient the upstream and midstream processes are, the more efficient the downstream process is. It is this efficiency that effects how high or low the price of oil can be sold.

Selling crude oil in the United States is an easy task as most Americans rely on their cars to get around and gas is what makes the cars work. For this reason, executives at oil companies have no problem selling their product. In 2006, BP Amoco reported sales of over $274 billion. However, during times of recession, the need drops and many oil companies may not meet their financial forecasts. This is when the selling of oil becomes more competitive. Also, many oil companies utilize the same processes and procedures for converting crude oil so buyers become more price conscious when ordering their products. A good salesperson will know how to sell his or her products so that buyers know they are getting the best possible product whether it is jet fuel, gasoline or kerosene.

With the high demand for oil all across the globe, selling its byproducts is often a tremendous money maker for oil companies. There are numerous opportunities to work in sales in the oil industry. Many companies will list their need for salespeople online, but there are also placement companies that only focus on the oil industry. Anyone who is interested in a career in sales or wants to change their current sales career path should look to the oil industry.

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