Oil Trading Jobs

Oil trading is buying and selling raw or refined oil with contracts on the market. Oil trading jobs are categorized in several titles. All oil traders must have strong mathematical skills and strong analytical capabilities. Oil trading involves having the specialized knowledge of the oil markets and ability to recognize trends and to capitalize upon them. Oil traders must have knowledge of the mitigating circumstances within oil trading. Since oil is trading worldwide, it is very sensitive to the politics of unstable nations. If a region is volatile, it could drive the price of oil up or down.

One title in the oil trading jobs is the portfolio manager. The portfolio manager is responsible for maintaining the oil investment accounts of clients. They must keep their clients abreast of all activity in their portfolios and help them to determine the best investment strategy for them. The portfolio manager also obtains new clients while maintaining current clients. Another oil trading job is the pricing analyst, who is responsible for identifying pricing trends in the oil market. They take present sale prices and forecast future prices for oil and determine ways in which a maximization of profit can occur. The finance manager invests in oil for a company while maintaining the liquidity of the company and maximizes the profitability of the investment.

In addition to the knowledge of the oil markets, the oil trader must have good sales and interpersonal skills. Day trading jobs require the ability to work on computers and knowledge of various software programs, including spreadsheets, databases, word processors, email, and internet research. They must have the ability to work with consumers as well as businesses. Oil trading is a job that can also be done from home as a telecommuting position. A telecommuting oil trading job would require a computer, telephone, internet access, and the drive to be able to work in an unsupervised environment.

Oil trading jobs usually have a base salary plus a percentage of the profits generated from the trading activities. Working with a firm also entail receiving benefits such as medical, dental, vacation packages, and other fringe benefits in addition to the regular paycheck.

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