Overseas Oil Jobs

Working for the oil industry provides many opportunities to work beyond the borders of one's own country. Oil rigs are all over the world and are always in need of workers--whether it's tool pushers and roughnecks or more highly technical positions that require greater skill.

For those looking for employment with an oil company, just look at where the top ten world oil companies are--Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Venezuela, Nigeria and Qatar. Many rig workers get paid more when they go overseas (sometimes double that of a domestic company) because the location may not be as desirable or is located in a region where there are revolutionary groups who oppose the government's procedures of distributing oil and gas revenues. Keep in mind that security guards and other procedures are in place to ensure the safety of workers.

Before accepting a job overseas, there are a few things to consider. First, going overseas means exposure to many types of infectious diseases, such as malaria. Workers are advised to get immunized against these diseases to avoid getting sick and spreading it to coworkers. Some companies supply their workers with anti malaria medications if the location is in a very tropical region like Africa or South America. Another thing to consider is the commute to the rig. Oil rigs are usually found in very remote locations are not easy to get to. In some cases, it may take a few days of traveling just to arrive at the location. Depending on the job, workers may be there for a few weeks or a few months with limited time off.

Finding an overseas oil job is not as difficult as it may sound if you know where to look and have the right skills. There are many online job postings aimed at those who are specifically looking for an overseas oil job. Make sure you know where you would like to work. It is also helpful to have a little background information on the culture of the country as well as an understanding of the language. If you have any experience working overseas or traveling, make sure to include that on your resume. A job overseas can be an excellent continuation of your current career path or a great start for it.

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The only problem with these overseas oil jobs is that we will have to stay away from the entire society for a long time. It may even take up to six months. We will be paid very high salaries, but I don’t think that is worth the time we spend with our families.

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