American International Petroleum

The United States Is well noted to harbor much petroleum cooperation on it borders, with American being ranks as among the world financial heavy weight, the government and other private investors have been able to locate funds to introduce exploration activities in the States and around the globe.

One of largest company comes in the name of the American International Petroleum, this a very big company with vested interest majorly in the oil and gas, the company is also involved with the refining ad distributing of finished petroleum products, the company has a very big impact on the economy.

The American International Petroleum cooperation has its base in the Houston, Texas state, the contribution made to the economy and the overall Texas community has been noted all over the years, American International Petroleum has offered so resident of Houston with first class employment status, a personnel working in this company enjoys very lucrative remuneration, pays for non entry personnel will range over 100,000 dollars annually, for those graduate will have starting packages of well over 150,000 dollars annually. The petroleum industry is known to pay very well, this is not an exceptional for the American International Petroleum.

On its board are very qualified petroleum engineers, full of experience and expertise these engineers have propelled its success over the years, just to name a few people. James E. Knight is the current acting chairman, he is assisted by Denis J.Fitzpatrick, who acts as the chief financial officer and secretary of the company then there is William L. Tracy who acts as the company secretary.

American International petroleum produces product that have met standard requirement and are locally available for the consumers, the company also concentrates in the production of asphalt products, Asphalt product revenue account for 32% of its income activities,

American International petroleum is one of the pioneers in the petroleum industry in the United states its contribution to the petroleum industry as a whole are heavily felt in the industry, its is seen as a petroleum producing company that also doubles up a petroleum product market, American International petroleum, presence and activities in the petroleum industry are viewed to be major positive milestones so a healthy economy.

More information can be found at their website, contact addresses are added there incase one is willing to get more information on the company or simply, have inquiries regarding its products or operations.

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