Anadarko Petroleum Company

Anadarko petroleum company is a petroleum company located in the United States of America, specially in woodland Texas, its areas of interest is in the oil and gas exploration, founded in 1959, Anadarko has grown to be known as one of the largest independent producers, Success has mostly been attributed by the strong board, and managerial staff. This company is known to employ qualified and 'top of the cream' engineers to head it exploration activities, the number of its workforce are well over 4000 across the globe. As at 2008 the company boast of having more than 2.3 billion barrels of oil in its reserves, its noted to have produced 206 million that year. Total revenue for that year was at 15 billion dollars, with a net income of 3.29 billion dollars, it is also listed in the Chicago board stock exchange and the newyork stock exchange, the company stock ticker will read as APC.

Anadarko celebrates a half a century in being present and strong in the ol industry, this company was noted to be a subsidiary of the panhandle East Corporation, pan handle Eastern Corporation was then acquired by the southern Union Company, Which founded Anadarko Petroleum in 1959 after discoveries of large deposits of oil and natural gas in the Anadarko basin, these discoveries have fueled Anadarko petroleum over the years,

This company's major operations are located in the onshore and offshore, mostly in the united states, and the gulf of mexico city. They also have operating in Africa, countries that list in Anadarko areas of operation in Africa are Ghana and Mozambique.

In addition to the oil and gas exploration business Anadarko extends operation in hard mineral businesses, these minerals are mainly coal, trona and industrial mineral mines, being the mines business does not mean that this is one of the companies that are notorious in land degradation, Anadarko efforts in campaign against land degradation is echoed through its programs that enhance oil recovery, this efforts prevents harmful gas from being emitted in the atmosphere.

Anadarko is also an employer to many people , especially the residents of Texas, these has led it to be ranked as a very positive company in the society, its contribution and part in the society is one that has not gone unnoticed. More information about this company can be gathered on the internet, the web address is, detailed information is available here.

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