Australian Mining Jobs

Western Australia's mining industry is in the midst of a boom, and that is good news for job seekers. The mining industry needs thousands of employees. Despite the current economy, there are many jobs available. An Internet search will uncover countless positions available.

A huge number of people have found Australian mining jobs, and there are always new ones opening up. Mining is a huge part of Australia's economy. There are copper and silver mines. Gold mining and iron ore mining are a big part of the economy. Diamond mines, and coal mining also provide jobs. The oil industry is also a really big employer in Australia.

Mining jobs can range from operating a dump truck and other equipment, to carpentry, or plumbing. There are positions for cooks and cleaners, and administrative assistants. Positions are available in the oil industry, exploration, construction and maintenance.

The highest paying positions go to skilled trades workers or people with experience. Construction contractors are often in demand in Australian mining. However, Australia's mining industry also uses non skilled workers. Labourers are required to fill a variety of temporary jobs, or can get their foot in the door.

Often you can find these opportunities through special recruitment agencies. Some mining positions for people without experience can include fire watcher. Often there are jobs for trades' assistants. The best way to find a job, if you have no mining experience, is to network. Find contacts who are already employed in the field. They will give you tips on possible openings. Another option is classified job advertisements.

Often tourists take advantage of temporary mining jobs to help finance their travels. This can be a simple as doing a little online research to find out the shutdown dates for the mines. If you can track down the agencies looking after the hiring for those mines, then put your name in and plan a tip to co-coincide with some work to pay for the trek. In fact, as other visitors are forking out cash for a look at a diamond mine, savvy travellers are being paid to do it. Normally candidates will be required to undergo a police screening. You may need to have drug and alcohol test. Mining is hard work, but the pay, and the travel can make it worthwhile.

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