Bp British Petroleum

BP is a major player in the energy sector and has had its influence allover the world. Having been founded in Britain in as early as 1909.its initial exploits into the oil sector saw it cross borders into the Middle East with the first major wellbeing discovered in Iran in 1908.this was after about seven years of prospecting following a concession granted to William Knox D'Arcy by the Shah of Iran. At this point in time it was not even known as BP instead it was known as Anglo Persian Oil Company and at some time the Anglo Iranian oil company.

Following this early activities in the early years of the 19th century the company has extended its activities to several parts of the world and its gas stations can be sported in many countries across the world. Its wings have grown so large that it covers almost all parts of the world not leaving out even Africa. In the trail of the company's history however, there have been several strategic mergers with other oil companies; a move that has helped the company I its expansion efforts.

What impact has BP on the world energy sector?

Judging from its size, BP is an influential player in the world not only in the energy sector but even beyond. As a result of its large presence across the world, Following this wide spread conquest, it has also endeavored to make its fair contribution to the environmental campaigns by giving donations towards the noble cause as well as trying to emphasize on the need to transform from the use of leaded fuels to unleaded as a major step towards reducing the side effects that come about as a result of the lead deposits that come out of the continued use of leaded fuels.

BP not only concentrates its efforts on petroleum based energy sources. The situation in the world right now does not favor continued reliance in the use of crude oil; instead it is quite evident in the new strategies that the petroleum company is trying to change from petroleum to other forms of clean energy. A case in point is its efforts towards putting up hydrogen fueling stations in the state of California. BP solar has also been steadfast in trying to lead the world towards the use of solar energy as a clean alternative to petroleum. It is our sincere hope that the efforts of BP towards the realization of an entire clean energy world should come to full realization.

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