British Petroleum Oil

British petroleum is one of the largest the best petroleum industries in the world. British petroleum uses a logo of Helios which means energy in Greek and Helios represents every form of energy either solar or natural gas energy.

British petroleum started working on 14th April 1909 and then it never looked back. British petroleum on its journey towards success merged with Amoco Corporation which is a US based company. The company is having its headquarters in London. British petroleum is developing day by day and its petroleum products are very famous around the world, British petroleum is a very popular company and produces some of the finest petroleum products which get exported in every corner of the world.

British Petroleum Company produces its products from the North Sea fields. British petroleum is having more than hundreds of oil fields and thousands of branches all over the world. Some of the major products are

AMPM - AMPM is the chain of stores which is present in different locations in US like Arizona, Alaska, Nevada and many other places. These stores are also connected with gas refill stations providing the AMPM brand and these chins of stores are also found in abroad countries like Japan.

BP to go - These are also the chain of shops which are operated in countries like new Zealand and Australia and they are being given to owners as a franchise. Some of these stores have upgraded to BP connect but some of them have degraded to Bp shops..

Castrol - Castrol is a completely BP brand and it is used fro maintaining the engines performance. Many of the peoples think that Castrol is not a brand from BP but in reality Bp is the real owner of Castrol.

Air Bp and BP shipping - the aviation fuel division is the AIR BP, the marine fuel division is known as BP marine and the shipping fuel division is known as BP shipping.

BP shops - these are the shops which are smaller in size and it is owned by private owners. Products are from BP and the food is in packed version.

British petroleum products are known as the best products around the world. Several methods are implemented for the purpose of extracting oil and natural gasses in these refineries. British petroleum also recruits a high volume of employees every year and this gives the young and talented petroleum engineers a chance to prove themselves.

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