British Petroleum Stock

British Petroleum ranks as the 4th world largest energy company, with headquarters in UK's London city, British petroleum makes it ranked among the world largest privately owned energy corporations, this company is listed in the London stock exchanges its one of the company the constitute the FTSE index. Its stock ticker would appear as BP the London stock exchange the same also will apply at the New York stock exchange. Its was first founded in 1909, it was referred to as the Anglo Persian oil company, and later renamed the British petroleum company in 1954, rampant growth has favored this company in that in 2000 it merged with other renown oil industries namely Amoco and ARCO, its has subsidiaries all over the world. Mostly British Petroleum is present in Africa; traces of where this company is most active are on the countries colonized by the British.

As earlier mentioned the companies headquarters are located in the heart of London, city of Westminster, its has a strong board of directors and the working staff community all over the world is what has made this exceptional company to record such success, Key people spear heading this company are Peter D. Sutherland who takes the position of the chairman, then there is Anthony B Hayward, who acts as the chief executive officer, the following is Byron E. Grote, who acts the chief financial officer. The work hierarchy in this company has been put in such a way to deliver top of the class service and efficiency at every level.

British Petroleum main sector of business operation is in the oil and natural gas, they also deal in alternative fuels. Business will come inform of BP petroleum service station, BP labeled petroleum and derived products, aviations fuels, motor oil, gas stations.

Reported overall revenues in 2008 has been in excess of 376 billion dollars, operating income has been reported to be 36 billion dollars, net income at 21 billon dollars all these have been on the rise compared to the previous years, however on the decline is the total asset which fell to 228 billion dollars, total equity at 91 billion dollars, the totals employees to date are over 91, 000 al over the world.

You can get more information about this company on the internet the website is , for those interested in buying a stock from these company then purchasing for long term can be a very rewarding position strategy.

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