Callon Petroleum Company Petroleum

Callon petroleum is one of the major petroleum companies in the United States of America, the companies main areas of operation are in the extraction of hydrocarbon, the expertise of this company has played a major role in the petroleum industry in the United States, the company's contribution to the economy is widely appreciated, this company interest are wide, its mainly operation includes acquisition of other companies that are involved in the production of hydrocarbon products, its also deals majorly on explorations and extraction of hydrocarbon in the US and the gulf coast region, Callon Petroleum company has its own development plant for the production of oil, gas properties and other hydrocarbon related byproducts.

The company was formed in 1950, it currently has about 60 years of service in the oil industries, the company is has it's headquarter in Natchez in the Mississippi state. This has been the base of operation over since it was founded, its total revenue workings are well above in the billions, with a total oil reserve of 55.6 billion cubic feet, o natural hydrocarbons and gas properties, on the reserves are another 5.9 million barrels of pure oil, and 19 cubic feet of natural gas. The company total assets are well over 87 leases covering a staggering 194,000 net acres of land.

Callon is sure been one of the economy driving companies along the Mississippi, creating working opportunity for the Mississippi residents and other benefits that this particular company has played in making a positive impact on the community are just some of the reasons for the most support and liking, the state government support has enabled this company flourish and hence enabled it be of significant mark to the community and the staff of the company too.

Callon is known to hire, top of the range workforce to head its operation, Petroleum engineers around the Mississippi are known to prefer working in this company over many others across the United States. The Petroleum engineers have been charged with quality production of hydrocarbon related byproducts, and for sure any production from Callon is known to meet the highest of regulation standards available.

Callon Petroleum is also listed on the stock exchanges if you are interested in owning a piece of this top of the range company then you can do so by buying some shares at the stock exchanges. The move will always guarantee a good return at the end of your planned trading season.

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