China Petroleum Engineering

The China National Petroleum Corporation is China's fast growing in demand company within this fast growing economy we live in today. The corporation lives on a supply and demand theory within oil and gas products required by any consumer through out the world. The corporation is also referred to as the CNPC. They are worldwide reputable to provide excellent and professional product services and known to maintain a strict out look on environmental conditions and social responsibilities. The CNPC has established extensions in over seventy countries. Founded in September 17, 1988, the corporation exploits, refines, and supplies oil and gas products in China. The CNPC is mostly concentrated to serve on the upstream productions of a petroleum industry. Besides that, let us take a look at the five main products and services offered by the China National Petroleum Corporation.

The CNPC offers a detailed network of sales. The corporation has approximately 17,456 domestic service stations through out China. All stations concentrate on supplying all citizens with kerosene, diesel, gasoline, lubricants and all refined oils to areas all over China. Acting as an oil products retailer, refuelling stations are standardized and focused on providing the best services to all consumers at all times.

The CNPC are very particular about the manner in which they deliver oil products to their consumers. Everything is delivered in a timely and accurate manner. Their extensively known refined products that are being sold are paraffin, bitumen, chemical light oil, lube oil, kerosene, gasoline, diesel, solvent oil, fuel oil, and LPG and petroleum coke. All oil products are refined with precision and handled equally with the same amount of precision at all times to ensure quality to all costumers.

The CNPC are very apt at producing chemical products and selling them while simultaneously distributing them to consumer based areas. All these chemical products are distributed within products that apply to our daily lives. These products are present in electronics, vehicles, shoes, household appliances, and many more chemical based products.

The CNPC also offers petroleum equipment. They supply petroleum equipment world wise so that corresponding petroleum industries may use them. These equipments can vary from geophysical prospecting products, drilling and production products, pipes, power units to refining and chemical products.

The China National Petroleum Corporation focuses on delivering products and services to all consumers with professional years of experience, as back up, and an incomparable need for success.

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