China Petroleum Pipeline

The China Petroleum Pipeline was signed into agreement between China and Kazakhstan in 2003 and became known as the Kazakhstan-China oil pipeline. During this period, China kept their continual agreements with other Central Asian countries, and by the year 2007, China joined with the Turkmenistan and signed into agreement with the China National Petroleum Corporation to begin construction on the pipeline.

The significance of this pipeline according to the China National Petroleum Corporation was that with the consistent flow of the Turkmen gas production that their country would meet their energy needs by 2% as well as omits the toxicology of emissions caused by smoke, carbon dioxide and dust.

The Turkmenistan would benefit by being able to diversify energy exportation by sending gas to the east as apposed to their current delivery contracts with Russia and Iran.

The technical aspects of the pipeline involve 1,792 kilometers (1,112 miles long) of which the pipeline stretches through 117 miles in Turkmenistan, and 330 miles in Uzbekistan.

By the second stage of the project, which is expected to finish in 2011, an additional pipeline will be added to increase the natural gas production of up to thirty billion cubic meters per year. This line will be supplied with gas from the Karachaganak, Tengiz and Kashagan gas fields in Kazakhstan and the gas fields of Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.

The total cost of this project is estimated to be about seven and a half billion dollars upon completion.

The entire route of the China Petroleum Pipeline will begin from gas fields on the right bank of Amu Dyra in Turkmenistan. The gas would be supplied from lolotan and Sag Kenar fields.[18] The China Petroleum Pipeline then makes entrance into Uzbekistan in Olot, and will run through Uzbekistan to southern Kazakhstan through the already established Bukhara Tashkent Bishkek Almaty Pipeline. From Kazakhstan the China Petroleum Pipeline will flow into Alsahakow in China, where it will be interconnected with the East-West Gas Pipeline.

The significance of the treaty for the China Petroleum Pipeline project is that it diversifies gas trade for the Turkmenistan as well as assists the energy supply in China as well as cuts back on the current emissions of carbon dioxide in the country, which will help with the countries current toxic air quality.

The estimated year for the project to be completed is 2011 with overall cost of seven and a half billion dollars.

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