Construction Contractors

The oil industry employs a varied workforce. Many positions are for construction contractors. These are usually some of the higher paying positions. A drilling contractor is a very important position, and often requires a high level of experience.

Drilling contractors are in high demand, and also high cost. The Drilling Contractor supplies the drilling equipment. Rotary drilling is expensive, extremely detailed, and precise. The steel derrick used for drilling can tower up to 15 stories high. A power motor operates the system. A drilling pipe goes up and down as it rotates. Unique mud known as drilling mud is pumped into the hole to cut down on friction. Three steel bits resemble gears placed on the end of a pipe that rotates. A hollow middle pushes the extra mud up and out of the hole. The drill and hole are surrounded by a platform. A pipe surrounds the bit ensure the walls don't collapse inward.

The whole process is halted periodically to test the rock. Many times no oil is found. If oil is discovered, a casing is lowed into the hole and cemented to shore up the sides permanently. The casing is punctured at a depth where oil will flow into the pipe. Then the well is capped, and can be pumped into barrels, or into a pipeline.

Many Drilling contractors will hire a variety of sub contractors. Construction contractor jobs in the oil industry can also include a variety of trades, including carpentry, pipe-fitters, electricians, and welders. Other trades in demand include ironworkers, crane operators, and plumbers.

Contractors usually have to bid on a job. This means getting prices on all of the required materials, expertise, labor, fees and other costs. Often, contractors will use a contruction estimating computer program. These programs help figure out final costs, track progress, and inventory.

Demand for oil remains high, as developing nations need for energy skyrockets. Jobs in the oil industry are still a driving factor behind the economy. Construction contracting jobs in the oil industry can be a rewarding experience involving travel, and lucrative pay.

There are also many jobs for unskilled labor. You can check classified ads or go through a recruitment company to access these positions. Many construction contractors require laborers to aid in the project.

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