Construction Management Project

The project manager of any major construction or building project is a huge responsibility and comes with a certain criteria that enables the project to run smoothly, efficiently and with fewest amounts of complications or problems.

The manager must keep a close watch on the financial statement and costs of the project from beginning to end. There is what is referred to in the construction industry, a "life cycle" of costs and benefits that begins at the planning stages and continues right on until the completion. The actual construction costs incurred are just a percentage of the overall life cycle costs.

The construction manager has to weigh and make decisions daily as to what is the best benefit for the project overall. If he can optimize the effectiveness or performance in one area of the construction operation he has to be able to look ahead to see if it will affect future phases. Money saved in designing may look good on the books at the time but if they are poorly done and end up costing more in construction costs than they not be in the projects best interest.

Project management often entails detailing work out to different specialists or sub contractors as may be necessary and this is when a manager's communication and coordination skills become an asset. Keeping lines of communications going among all the project's participants is not only beneficial but essential to successfully completing the main goals of a project. The up to date construction manager must be proficient in all modes of communication including and new information technologies such as the Internet and specialized Extranets, cell phones, text messaging and telecommunications.

New materials, innovations and productivity improvements should always be of value to the construction project manager. Researching, evaluating, and the introduction or trials of new materials and automated construction processes should be a part of the overall project where possible. Of course the cost over profit must always be considered to insure that the performance is always optimized but not at any cost.

Overall the construction project manager must strive for quality of work and performance as these are the two most important factors in any project to produce success.

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