Distillation Of Petroleum

The crude oil known as petroleum has several components and compounds combined in it. It is this composition that makes petrol to have so many by products. Once the fossil fuel comes from the ground at the point of drilling, it is subjected to the process of refining which tries to eliminate some of the products or should I say separate. The process of separating different products from the crude oil can be done in different ways. Distillation is one of the methods that are used to separate some of the products from petroleum. It so happens that almost all of these products have some use in the modern world hence the need to separate them in order t maximizes profits from the liquid.

How does distillation work?

In distillation of petroleum, crude petroleum is left to rest and to give the incondensable gases as well as moistures to flow over. This process lead s to the formation of benzine and a number of distillates which are eventually subjected to bleaching. In simplified terms, this process can be carried out severally to separate whatever extra by products which should include kerosene, gases such as LPG and gasoline. The remaining thick substance after all the separable substances are removed is mostly used as lubricants for use in the lubrication of most machines' moving parts.

What are the benefits of distilling petroleum?

As earlier stated in the above paragraphs, petroleum as is drilled from the ground is not directly usable. Therefore distillation gives us several by products of petroleum. The main advantage in this exercise is that we are able to maximize profits from a single gallon of crude oil if we distill the product. Another advantage is the fact that we can possibly get so many by products such as gasoline, liquid petroleum gases and kerosene not to mention the lubricating oils that can e used in machines.

Petroleum products are largely to blame for the environmental problems afflicting the world today. Since people stopped using coal as a form of energy, the main culprit in as far as pollution is petroleum although petroleum happens to be the most sort after source of energy since I play a major role in the industrial development we should think of better ways of making the energy source more environmentally friendly. The effects of green house gases are slowly destroying our environment at a steady pace. It would be a very welcome change if the distillation of petroleum would help us get a greener fuel that would see us have a better environment to live in.

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