Elf Petroleum Nigeria

Nigeria is indisputably ranks itself among one of the world recognized oil producing Companies, since discoveries of the oil deposit along the Niger river, big companies have been established to rake profits that come with exploration, Nigeria's involvement in the oil industry is one that can not go unnoticed, Nigeria is also ranks tops in Africa as one other few oil producing companies, many countries are joining this list, some of the new comers are countries like Uganda, for any oil producing company to be efficient and to enjoy the benefits that comes with crude oil, then establishment of oil processing companies should be one aspect the country should be keen on investing on, its widely known that Natural resource companies along the world have had very big interest in the natural resources especially from countries in Africa, explorers are known to fund big exploration activities just to find some of these deposit, most of the African states being poor, it's the foreign states that have benefited much on the deposit extracted from this countries, however, agreements between the government and the company doing exploration and extraction on its land must be enforced and issues well put in writing.

The Elf Petroulem Nigerai Ltd, or the EPNL, is a noted large cooperation in the Nigeria's state of Lagos, this company operates under joint venture agreements between the Nigerian National petroleum and itself, the main areas of activities surrounds the exploration of gas and oil. Nigerian National Petroleum Company extends oil mining leases and other licenses for this particular company to operate without much difficulties.

This company has facilities around the Nigeria, operation for these companies are evident in the whole of the Nigeria states. Some of the companies that enjoys business with this company are Aghigo oil field, Akpo field, Amenam-kpono field, block 223, Bonga field, Ngolo field, obagi field,obodo filed, obodo jatumi field,okpoko, some of the offshore comapanies include field OML 100, OML 102, OML 57 and a few others, the company main projects Amenan and Akpo fields.

The contacts for the company are listed as below.

Elf petroleum Nigeria Ltd

Tel +234 1 262 3720

Telex 21320

Email, is not known

Offices location address - 35 kofo Abayomi street, lagos Nigeria

Postal Address - POB 927 lagos Nigeria

More information can be gathered about this company, and petroleum production activities it undertakes. This will however prompt an interested party to make contacts with the company.

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