Energy Jobs

The growth of such highly trained employees such as geoscientists is expected to grow to 22% over the next ten years. The world's need for energy, environmental protection and things such as responsible use of land and waters will push increases in demand for graduates with master's degrees. Consultants in the field of management, science, technical and consulting work will be in huge demand.

The oil and gas extraction industry will also see a huge increase in the need for geoscientists to locate and find new and more efficient methods of getting the oil and gas to the consumers. Job careers for petroleum geologists, geophysicists and other geoscientists are often affected by the price of oil and gas. Lower prices less exploration, higher prices more exploration. Today the increase in energy demand for fossil fuels has been incentive for new exploration and recovery techniques in deep water locations such as Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico. Languages also play a key role in job and career placement in the energy industry. Those who can speak foreign languages and are willing to work abroad are in high demand.

Job prospects for those with Master's degrees in the management, scientific, technical and engineering fields of the energy industry will have excellent job opportunities not only for new positions being created but also in replacement positions. Jobs in Federal and State or government will be less over the foreseeable future as cutbacks and economic restraints and policy changes tend to fuel lay offs and down sizing to meet budgetary restraints.

The advance and demand for alternative energy resources such as wind turbines, solar energy and even such innovative projects as tidal power will create whole new career fields. As pressure is put on the industry to respect and work towards a greener more environmentally future scientists will also be required in this new and dynamic sector of the energy industry. Although for some the fear of these new sources and methods of renewable energy is an increase of job loss in the energy fields but even if this proves to be true the cheaper cost of the new energy sources may create jobs in other industries that can now afford to operate more efficiently with a higher profit margin.

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