Handbook Of Petroleum Refining

Title: Handbook of Petroleum Refining Processes

Author(s): Robert A. Meyers

Publisher: McGraw-Hill

This book contains much more information than you will ever get anywhere about the processes the refining industry uses. You will not have this amount of information even from the companies that license the technology. It is recommended that anyone connected to the refining industry should have a copy of this book.

The "Handbook of Petroleum Refining Processes" contains sought after technical information in every detail of the most popular refining processes the world has known. This is a book put together with detailed contribution by staff from the technology providers and you can expect the information to be accurate in every detail. What's more? It is illustrated with actual photos of installations and descriptive diagrams clearly explaining the principle behind the processes. Chevron, Mobil, Shell, Exxon, UOP, and Texaco have contributed to new chapters in the second edition defining technology, pollution-control, and even the economic aspects of sixty different petroleum refining processes.

The book covers the following main sections:

Alkylation and Polymerization

Base Aromatics Production Processes

Catalytic Cracking

Catalytic Reforming


Gasification and Hydrogen Production




Separation Processes

Sulfur Compound Extraction and Sweetening

Visbreaking and Coking

Oxygenates Production Technologies

Hydrogen Processing


Abbreviations and Acronyms

In the Layout of the book an average of seven to ten pages cover each of the processes. These clear descriptions and diagrams contain valuable information on the processes such as the process chemistry, process flow diagrams, actual photographs of the actual installations, case studies, environmental issues and impacts, and the economic considerations.

Quoted Reviews:

Highs: "One book that contains as much information as one could expect to lay eyes on about the refining industries most popular processing technologies. Written by the people who know the processes best, this book delivers exactly what the title promises."

Lows: "While many of the sections include case studies, we like to see even more of them in the next edition. There's nothing quite like learning from experience."

Overall: "An authoritative reference guide to most processes that you'll encounter in the refining industry. This books let's the reader peek inside the think tanks of the world's largest process design firms and learn what goes into process design. Again, if you're associated with the refining industry, get this book."

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