Heavy Construction

Job opportunities in the heavy construction industry are expected, according to market analysis forecasts, to increase on a par with the industry average. As new construction of highways, bridges and streets continues to develop as well repairs and maintenance to existing high ways and bridges must be kept up in order to keep the infrastructure of the transportation system sound.

The heavy construction industry is still managing, even with the recent past history of subdued economic conditions and divergent trends, to move ahead with unexpected growth. Public funding and demand for industry services in areas such as sewer, water, environmental issues, and other areas seems to feed the impetus that keeps the industry alive and moving ahead.

Heavy construction industries are those that cover all the areas of infrastructure that are classified in with non-building construction industries such as highway projects, tunnels and bridges, sewer, power and pipelines, communication transmission lines. Industrial non-building structures are also a part of this industry field. More typical projects that the industry are responsible for are things like athletic sports fields, dams and dykes, private golf courses and clubs, harbors, parks, reservoirs and canals. Commercial and public utilities are other areas affected by the heavy construction industry and include sewage and water treatment plants, power or hydroelectric plants, subways and mass transit systems such as subways.

Some heavy construction firms do all the work on their projects while others may sub contract out parts of the larger jobs. Heavy construction general contractors, engineer contractors, joint-venture contractors and design builders all are a part or the industry establishment. Three risk factors determine the growth of the industry that include risk from within the industry such as structural risk, growth risk or those that may arise from future industry performance and external sensitivity risks or those that arise from outside influences such as economics or regulations.

Employment in the heavy construction industry is broken down basically into three areas or degrees. There are the unskilled or semi-skilled workers with no construction experience, the skilled employees who possess knowledge and experience and the technical or management employees with extensive education and experience often graduate degrees in architecture, engineering or management.

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