International Petroleum Encyclopedia

Given the many reference the petroleum engineering course has, there has been need of a encyclopedia that addresses all information In one reference and that is the international petroleum encyclopedia, the encyclopedia comes in various form, the various format are available in printed format, which contains more than 350 pages on information on the oil industry, the other available format is the CD-ROM.

For any one the petroleum industry information is very information, getting the right information is fundamental for getting a job done or simply completing a thesis for an exam. This encyclopedia is very important on stake holder in the field,

The international petroleum Encyclopedia is a summarized source of one stop information for the petroleum market, Information is known to change each and every time in this market, keeping informed is always a wise thing to do for any one.

The information enclosed in this encyclopedia will range from wall maps, maps of regions where petroleum activities, petroleum infrastructure are placed, the bonus map will show this information pinpointing this on countries like Northern Canada, Greenland. The report will also show all countries that are noted for oil producing.

On the Key stats section one will find annual important petroleum energy trends, this will include analysis on reserves and production; you will also find sneak preview on market and investments and many other information.

This encyclopedia is very informative it also includes guest essay done by Peter Robertson, you may ask who this is, for those who don't know this is the Chairman of Chevron Corporation, this company is ranked to be the second largest energy oil company, according to us statistics, it records to have operations in more than 190 countries.

It include a directory of world energy companies and energy ministries, this encyclopedia is a must for anyone gathering information on the petroleum field.

The international petroleum encyclopedia is available in major bookstores around the world, prices in the US bookstore may vary but range from 190 dollars to 200 dollars, the printed edition of this must have piece is edited by Joseph Hilyard. One can get a good deal from some bookstores; this is if he's willing to search for a good bargain.

The encyclopedia is a one stop information guide for both professionals and students alike, Overall to stay informed one is recommended not have this encyclopedia as part of his library that one should posses at whatever cost.

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