Middle East Petroleum

Middle East petroleum forms a major chunk of the world's petroleum producing regions. For a long time, petroleum has been a major export commodity from the Middle East. Most countries I the Middle East ranging from Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries have been in the fore front of petroleum production. The process of producing petroleum is quite involving and several conditions are necessary to make it successful. Owing to this factor, several companies engaging in this activity have come to appreciate the importance of certain guidelines which if strictly adhered to make the process of production and distribution of the commodity across the world to its market. Among this companies actively involved in the petroleum production in the Middle East is the Middle East petroleum farm.

This company has been in operation since 1970 and has steadily risen to become a major player in the region. The company has its area of coverage expanding as far as turkey, Iran and Iraq. Over the years the company has spread its wings across the three major petroleum exporters. As a result, the company has maintained a work force of about 2500 loyal employees who help in carrying out its daily operations across the region.

This company is a joint coalition of several companies operating within the region. Within the recent years, the Middle East petroleum farm has expanded its wings into Dubai, UAE. This umbrella of companies decided to consolidate its petroleum related activities under the JEBEL ALI Free zone in order to make it easy to manipulate its operations to the west successfully.

The oil from the Middle East gets its way into Europe and other western countries for sale. As a result the Middle East petroleum farm decided to put up project that could help them in delivering their products to the western market. Among the most out standing achievements towards this goal is the purchase of the Caspian Batumi Railway connection to link the Middle East and Caspian region and other western European nations.

Following its successful expansion plans the Middle East petroleum farm has further expanded its wings into the eastern markets including the Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and the entire gulf region. Its services have covered far off laces including the Far East and east African region including countries like Kenya and Tanzania and even war torn Somalia. As much as the company has been more involved in distribution and redistribution of petroleum products it is certain that the have a vision of getting into exploration within the next few years.

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