Mining Jobs

The job opportunities in mining are varied and although some types of mining and mining operations are on a decline there are still lots of jobs available as miners reach retirement age. About half the people in the industry directly work with ore extraction or transportation but mining companies also need prospectors, mine planners, safety and environmental specialists and others.

Mine explorers, what were once considered prospectors but now are normally college trained geologists seek out new places where mines should be constructed. Using seismographs and other specialized equipment they seek the ore based on scientific principles and methods. If they find a place likely to be ore producing core samples are then taken to confirm if it is a good place to mine.

Mine designers consist of various trained groups including engineers, technicians and environmental engineers and are called in once the explorers discover a likely mine sight. These designers then try to determine if the mine and the ore is commercially feasible to extract. If they believe it has the potential they draw up plans based on the best way to remove it with least environmental impact. They also must ensure that the completed mine will comply with all government rules and regulations.

Mechanics and electricians are needed to make sure that all mine equipment works the way it should and insure that any mechanical or electrical problems are repaired in a timely fashion to bring the mine back up to speed as quickly as possible.

Miners and mining have come a long way and no longer is just pick and shovel work. Miners now may be classified as drill machine operators running special equipment that drills directly into the earth or they could also be explosive experts that use dynamite to open up the earth so loading machines operators can gather up the ore to transport it to the surface.

To ensure that the miners and all who work in a mine are safe as possible there are men specialized in mine safety known as mine safety workers. State and federal law often stipulates that mines must have a mine safety inspector to ensure all rules and regulations are in force and being followed. A mine inspector has the authority to actually shut down a mine if he feels it is not operating in a safe efficient manner.

There are other employees in the mines as well that include men who spray the mine shafts down to reduce the dust in the air, some who specifically just use roof bolters to stabilize mine shafts to avoid cave-ins, and also what are known as brattice builders who construct air way tunnels to ensure enough oxygen is entering the mine at all times.

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