Msc Petroleum Engineering


MSC in petroleum engineering is a 2 year full time course and different colleges are allowing admissions in these courses. MSC in petroleum engineering is a very profitable and interesting study of oil and natural gas extraction, geological reasons by which one can determine the oil reservoirs. Students those who are very interested in petroleum engineering can easily chose this subject to make their future much brighter.

Entry requirements

The eligibility criteria of getting admission in MSC petroleum engineering is that the students will have to be graduate in BSC in mathematics, physics, mechanical engineering, earth sciences, chemical engineering and there are many subjects in which students can complete their BSC There are different eligibility criteria for different colleges and universities. Some college entry procedures are very tough but some reputed colleges only allow some selected students only. College and university websites contains all the required information regarding the admission procedures and students must follow the instructions of admission very carefully before applying to a college or university. In America and UK many students are applying now days for this course and so the colleges and universities are making the admission procedures tougher. The students studying MSC petroleum engineering has to go through a tough course and in this period of time they learn different topics related to oil and natural gas fields. Students have to perform well in the semesters exams to score well and they also have to submit projects and thesis regarding any of the topics. Many universities and colleges follow different syllabus. Students have to go on research fields with different geologists to get a better practical idea about the subject and the topic. The syllabus emphasizes a lot on multi-disciplinary work and the students have to work hard to keep a good record through out the course.

The basic curriculum of MSC petroleum engineering

The entire syllabus of MSC petroleum engineering is divided in to 8 parts which contains various topics regarding the oil and natural gas fields and 1 final project which can be given in any of the following topics. The topics which are taught to students in MSC petroleum engineering are:-

1. Characterisation of the different reservoirs.

2. Modeling of a particular reservoir depending on the characteristics of the reservoir.

3. Simulation of different reservoirs.

4. To find a correct link between the various data obtained by different fields.

5. Special classes, laboratories and many computer exercises to make the students work with more ease.

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MSC in petroleum engineering is one of the degree which has big demand in the market. Extraction of oil and gas is continue in many countries in the world and companies are hiring these professionals.

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There are many popular universities where we can get that degree.

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