Nigeria Petroleum Corporation

Nigeria has played a very big role in the oil's production industry, Discoveries of oil were first discovered in the Niger Delta in the year 1956, Shell-BP is the company that carried exploration then, in just two years production had increased very rapidly, Nigeria then started giving exploration rights, and most of the benefiting companies were foreign.

The history behind oil production in runs for more than have a century, challenges have prompted the government to employ new measures, one of that were employed by the government is the forming of National Nigeria Petroleum Cooperation. This state owned cooperation was established in 1977, Nigeria's oil production sector has faced much hardship and challenges, all through the years there have been reports of conflicts and civil wars on the oil delta, these cooperation first mandates was to bring order to these industry.

Its recorded that oil revenues, are the main backbone of the Nigeria economy, and so the Nigeria National Petroleum cooperation has been charged fully to oversee exploration activities in the Niger Delta.

The cooperation is also charged with overseeing activities from oil exploration to production to marketing, the be able to function well Nigeria National Petroleum Cooperation is further divided into 12 units, these units have different mandate which cover all oil industry activities. The unit's mandates and purpose are clearly drafted and funding dispatched from the central government to facilitate day to day running of these units.

In additional to these units the government has put in place other independent regulatory board, that is the Department of petroleum resources, this charged up to with the regulation of the NNPC, this regulatory board exist within the ministry of Oil resources. This department other roles are those off scrutinizing oil application process, giving of lease and permits.

The Government has strategically placed these institution through the Nigeria National Petroleum cooperation, to make sure that this crucial industry is run well and that all laws and regulation passed by the parliament are observed to the later, also the NNPC is acts a market marker for the oil products, it is charged by with marketing oil products to the world market. This institution is the backbone of Nigeria oil industry; it acts as the eye for oil industry in the country.

Any institution or persons not adhering to the laws and regulation set, are normally heavily penalized and in some cases their permits cancelled.

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The NNOC was reconstituted as the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation on April 1, 1977, now six years following it has been put up.

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Company resources the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation conventional pursuant to division 1 of this Act and includes any completely owned contributory thereof.

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